Saturday, August 21, 2004

Heroic Words?

In the 2000 primary Republican campaign, George W. Bush attacked John McCain's Viet-Nam's heroic record. At one of the debates, McCain reacted and told Bush he should be ashamed (video) for those actions. McCain went on to say that five US Senators, all Vet-Nam war veterans and heroes, sent George Bush a letter saying he should apologize. Who organized the five Senator's action? John Kerry. Similar Republican attacks were aimed at Max Cleland, a hero, who lost three limbs in Viet-Nam. Now a group called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" is attacking John Kerry's record in Viet-Nam. Kerry spilled his blood for his country while George W. Bush was living the good life in the US. McCain recently stated that Bush should denounce the Swift Boat Veterans' ad. McCain is supporting Bush for reelection. However, if Bush doesn't disassociate himself from the ad, McCain should get off George Bush's boat and join Kerry, a war hero like himself.

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