Friday, October 01, 2004

Kerry 10-Bush 1

If the debate between Kerry and Bush had been a soccer game, Bush would have lost by a huge margin. The general consensus is that Bush came out a loser. Yet, the GOP spin machine will focus on Bush's low skills of debating. Even before the debate, in fact, they had lowered the bar on Bush. Not much was expected of Bush. And that's what we got. In Kerry's case, a lot was expected, and that's what we got. Bush looked extremely uncomfortable in the first ten minutes or so while Kerry was talking. His facial expressions reminded us of Gore's moans during the 200 debate. Bush sort of recovered his composure but soon ran out of words and kept repeating the same lines about Kerry being inconsistent and how fighting terrorism is hard work. Bush looked like a schoolboy whose excuse for being unprepared for the test was that his dog ate his homework. Kerry was articulate and not overly "intellectual." He looked like the president. He talked like a president. I do think he missed an opportunity to point out that he fought for his country and carries shrapnel in his body. And he would fight again. He might have also pointed out he knows something about killing and dying and would think a lot before sending American young men and women to war. Overall, it was a great opportunity for people to see Kerry and he took advantage of it. How many American voters were swayed by the debate, of course, remains to be seen. In any case, if Kerry's numbers start moving up, GOP dirty tricks will also increase.

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