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Italian Classes

Allan Hancock College offers Elementary and Intermediate Italian online. Italian 101 online (Elementary Italian), Italian 102 online (Elementary Italian), Italian 103 online (Intermediate Italian), and Italian 104 online (Intermediate Italian). These Italian courses online have been offered for the past several years. More information is found below.
7 classes available at Allan Hancock College

*Italian 101,
Elementary Italian, Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00-12:30 (No prerequisite)
*Italian 101, Elementary Italian, Mondays & Wednesdays 4:0-6:30 p.m. (No prerequisite)
*Italian 101 Online, Elementary Italian, Online Course (No prerequisite)
*Italian 110, Italian Conversation, Monday 1:00-3:00 (Prerequisite: One semester of Italian or equivalent).
*Italian 102 Online, Elementary Italian, Online Course (Prerequisite: One semester of Italian or equivalent)
*Italian 103 Online, Intermediate Italian, Online Course (Prerequisite: two semesters of Italian or equivalent).
*Italian 104 Online (Prerequisite: three semesters of Italian or equivalent).
Register on the Web or in person. Click HERE for information.

Classes begin August 20, 2007

Questions? Scroll down and read the FAQ. If you still have questions, call Domenico Maceri, PhD, (805) 922-6966 ext. 3422 OR e-mail

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Italian 101 and Italian 102 are an introduction to the language. Italian 110 focuses on the oral aspect of the language and the expansion of vocabulary. Italian 103 & 104(Intermediate Italian) reviews the grammatical structure introduced in 101 and 102, expands vocabulary, offers practice in writing. All courses include aspects of Italian culture.
NUMBER OF UNITS: Italian 101, Italian 102, and Italian 103 are five semester units; Italian 110 is two semester units.
Italian 101 & Italian 102: Prego! by Graziana Lazzarino et al., sixth edition and Laboratory Manual to Accompany Prego!, Lazzarino et. al, sixth edition, 2004. Grammar Workbook for Introductory Italian, by Domenico Maceri, 2006.
Italian 110: Italian Conversation: Points of Departure, Paolozzi.
Italian 103 & 104 (Intermediate Italian): Da capo, 5th edition, Lazzarino & Moneti and Lab Manual to Accompany Da Capo, fifth edition, Lazzarino & Moneti, 2003.
USED BOOKS: You may buy used or new books. However, make sure that you get the right edition. The registration code in the inside cover of Prego! is no longer necessary to use the web site.
BUYING TEXTBOOKS: Books are available through the Allan Hancock College Bookstore (on site or online) as well as through other outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.).
MATERIAL TO BE COVERED: Italian 101: We will cover the first half of the material in your textbook, workbook, and your lab manual. The second half of your textbook, workbook, and your lab manual will be covered in Italian 102. Italian 110: We will cover fifteen lesson included in the textbook.
Italian 103: We will cover the first half of the textbook and the Lab Manual. Italian 104:We will cover the second half of the textbook and the Lab Manual.
TRANSFERING CREDITS TO FOUR-YEAR C0LLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES: Italian 101, Italian 102, Italian 103, and Italian 104 credits transfer and articulate to four-year colleges and universities. Italian 110 credits transfer as elective units. Check with a counselor at Allan Hancock College and/or with the institution you plan to transfer the credits to make sure.
LANGUAGE LAB: The Language Lab at the Santa Maria Campus is a useful resource. It includes Italian language television (RAI international) as well as Internet access. Staff members may be able to help you learn Italian. A list of activities and resources is available HERE . Click on Italian Lab. The Lab can also duplicate the audio which accompanies the Lab Manual free of charge. You will need to provide blank CDs.
CREDIT/NO CREDIT: Courses are available for letter grades (A,B, C, D, F) or a Credit/No Credit basis. Credit/No Credit means that instead of getting a letter grade on your transcript, you will get CR (credit) or NC (no credit). You will get CR if you receive a grade of C or higher, NC for a grade of D or F.
TUTORING: You can meet with an Italian tutor in the Tutorial Center at the Santa Maria Campus to get extra oral or written practice. To schedule a session with a tutor, call Donna Bishop at 922-6966 ext. 3767 or e-mail her at Be SURE you talk to Donna. Tutoring is free of charge.
FEES: Current fees are $20 per unit for California residents. Non California residents and international students need to also pay $173 per unit (Italian 101, 102, 103, and 104 are five units each. Italian 110 is two units). Other minor fees may apply. See the latest information on fees in the schedule of classes at the Allan Hancock College web site.
FINANCIAL AID: Financial aid is available in the Financial Aid Office.
ACCREDITATION: Allan Hancock College is fully accredited.
HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: High school students may qualify to take classes at Allan Hancock College. Students attending high schools which do not offer Italian may take Italian at Allan Hancock College. Credits earned may be transferred to high schools and can also be "banked" for college or university degrees.



COURSES OFFERED ONLINE: Italian 101 Online (Elementary 1) , Italian 102 Online (Elementary 2), Italian 103 & 104 Online (Intermediate Italian).
FINAL EXAMS: The final exam includes a written and an oral part. The exam will be held at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria. For those students living outside of the area, arrangements can be made to take the exam elsewhere.
PROCTORS: Students not able to come to Santa Maria for the final exams (written and oral) can arrange to have the final proctored near their place of residence. Proctors typically are educators (high school teachers or college professors), librarians, officials at a college testing center, military officers, consular officers, etc. Proctors do not need to know Italian. Contact the instructor for more information about arranging a proctor.
ATTENDANCE: No class attendance is required, but there will many opportunities to communicate with the instructor. E-mail communication, instant messaging, and phone conversation will be used to carry out instruction. For those students living near the Santa Maria Campus, face-to-face meetings can be arranged. Contact the instructor for more information.

Italian language classes for kids

Italian language classes for (5fth through 9th grade) at Cuesta College in San Luis obispo. Summer 2007. Registration going on now. For more information go to Cuesta College

Italian conversation classes
Italian conversation classes at Cal Poly this summer. Registration going on now. For more information go to Cal Poly

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